Job Skills

Employability Life Skills

Basic Job Skills

To be able to secure and hold a job in today’s competitive job market, you need to equip yourself with both job skills (specific skills)  and employability skills (general soft skills) that allow you to:

  • grab the attention of your potential employer
  • secure the job
  • work your way up the career ladder.

Whilst job skills are really more specific and require special training and education, once you understand the fundamental soft skills and characteristics  that employers generally look for, you will be able to customize your job search communication (resume, cover letters, job interviews) to successfully align them to meet the most common employability requirements.
By making sure you have the basic employability skills, you are one step closer to ensuring that you have a higher chance of grabbing your future/current employer’s eyes to get yourself recognized above all others. Equip yourself with the work skills you need and put it out to use.

Resume Sample

Resume Sample Resumes should always look clean and simple for easy reading by your prospective employer. Please find a simple resume sample here. Points to remember: Keep your resume brief and if possible to one page, and no more than two pages. Put your name and...

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Writing A Cover Letter

Cover Letter We have written an effective resume. To complete your resume, you should write a cover letter to go with it. The cover letter serves as a intermediate letter that introduces you and your credentials to the potential employer, and at the same time,...

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Writing A Resume

An EFFECTIVE Resume In today’s world, applying for a job can be a competitive, frightening and worrying experience. Knowing how to write an outstanding resume is an important skill required to bring you ahead in the race to obtaining your dream job! This article will...

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